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(with White or Brown Rice)

47.  Jumbo Shrimp with Broccoli (S)7.75 (L)12.35
48.  Jumbo Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (S)7.75 (L)12.35
49.  Jumbo Shrimp with Garlic Saucespicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
50.  Jumbo Shrimp with Szechuan Stylespicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
51.  Jumbo Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables (S)7.75 (L)12.35
52.  Jumbo Shrimp with Snow Peas (S)7.75 (L)12.35
53.  Jumbo Shrimp with Hunan Stylespicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
54.  Shrimp w. Mushroom (S)7.75 (L)12.35
55.  Curry Jumbo Shrimp with Onionspicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
56.  Jumbo Shrimp with Bean Curd (S)7.75 (L)12.35
57.  Shrimp with Cashew Nuts (S)7.75 (L)12.35
58.  Diced Chicken and Shrimp (S)7.75 (L)12.35
59.  Jumbo Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce (S)7.75 (L)12.35
60.  Shrimp with Hot Spicy Saucespicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
61.  Shrimp with Eggplant in Garlic Saucespicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
62.  Shrimp with Bean Sprouts (S)7.75 (L)12.35
63.  Shrimp with Peanuts (Kung Po Shrimp)spicy (S)7.75 (L)12.35
64.  Shrimp with String Bean (S)7.75 (L)12.35
65.  Moo Shu Shrimp (w. 4 Pancakes) 12.35
66.  Sweet and Sour Shrimp
(Sauce on the Side)
(S)7.75 (L)12.35
67.  Crab Meat with Mixed Vegetable (S)7.75 (L)12.35
68.  Scallop with Garlic Saucespicy (S)8.75 (L)13.25
69.  Scallop with Mixed Vegetable (S)8.75 (L)13.25
70.  Scallop Hunan Stylespicy (S)8.75 (L)13.25
71.  Lobster Cantonese Style or Garlic Sauce or Ginger Sauce S.Price